KAE® Kundalini Activation Energy Level 2 Training

KAE® Kundalini Training Activation Energy

KAE® Certified Facilitator Level 2 Training

October 12 to 19, 2024

Only available for KAE® Level 1 Certified Facilitators

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In 24/48 hours (working hours) we will confirm availability and means of payment to attend the training.

    7 días de Inmersión en Retiro de Silencio y conexión NO DUAL.

    ONLY for KAE Level 1 Facilitators with a minimum of 5 months of experience, where you will be able to explore this depth in internal Energy work, enabling your expansion on a personal level and as a KAE FACILITATOR.

    Day 1 to 7

    NON DUAL intensive immersion. Working with Divine Energy (ultimate state of Consciousness)

    In these 7 days we will work with NON-DUAL intensive energy. Diego realizará sesiones de Energía SHAKTIPAT y ENERGÍA DIVINA (Ultimo estado de Consciencia) a todos los participantes en combinación con KUNDALINI. We will work on the Total Opening of all Chakras, Energy Centers from their Root Base to Crown giving TOTAL ascension to KUNDALINI reaching the experience of COSMIC UNITY.


    Understanding Vipassana meditation.

    Liberation and internal unblocking of all emotional, energetic and mental information.

    Liberation of internal Impurities of our Body and Programs.

    Development of FULL ATTENTION.

    Understanding the NON-DUAL state.

    Connection with our BEING in Pure Presence.

    Divine Energy work learning.

    Divine Energy Transmission.

    Universal, Toroidal, Kundalini and Divine Energy Transmission.