KAE® Kundalini Training Activation Energy

Training KAE Trained Facilitators

Introduction to KAE®


You will receive 4 days of deep Emotional, Energetic, Physical and Spiritual Healing.

You will receive the Kundalini Energy Activation in you.

You will learn to:

Work with 3 Energies Kundalini, Toroidal and Universal.

Perform Energetic Healing Self-Sessions to yourself.

Conduct Individual Sessions to other people. Face-to-face and Online.

Conduct Group Sessions to other people. Face-to-face and Online.

You will receive the KAE Facilitator Certification.

You will receive 3 Months Online Support with Diego and the KAE Community.

You will have access to KAE LEVEL 2 Training.

KAE Shaktipat and KAE Divine Energy.

After the training, there will be a 3-month online follow-up support for questions and issues regarding KAE facilitation.

KAE Training VALUE: 2000 Payment in Euros/Payment in Dollars 2300$.



You will learn how to perform Energetic Self Sessions to yourself for your Healing.

You will be trained as a KAE Certified Facilitator to conduct sessions for others.

The KAE training is face-to-face: 4 days of intensive theoretical and practical training. You will acquire knowledge about the inner workings of the energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual body and how to unblock the meridians and activate the Kundalini, Toroidal and Universal energy.

Day 1


On this first day of the course we will cover all the theoretical part and you will have your first experience with the Energy. We will explain all the content and usefulness of the KAE training. The first sessions will be done to all KAE students by Diego Moscoso activating your Inner Energetic body.

Objectives and program

Understanding KAE and its origin

Theoretical learning of KAE for its usefulness

Observation of a face-to-face KAE session

Experiencing contact with Energy

Day 2

Introduction to the practical part

On this second day we will introduce the practical part. We will begin with the activation of the energy in your own body by performing a first session of unblocking and energetic activation, kundalini, toroidal and universal. Then we will do sessions in groups of two people always advised by Diego Moscoso.


Unblocking and energetic activation

Hands-on learning how to conduct KAE sessions

Day 3

Continuation of the practical part

On this third day we will continue with our work in the practical part, conducting sessions in groups of two people, face-to-face and online, exchanging groups to further develop the practice always advised by Diego.


Hands-on learning how to conduct individual and group KAE face-to-face sessions

Practical training on how to conduct online KAE sessions

Day 4

Completion of the Practical part

On this fourth day we will conduct sessions in groups of two facilitator/patient as a final test to the training. We will proceed to the delivery of Certificates to the Facilitators as representatives of KAE®. ®.


Conduct your first session as Facilitator/Patient

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