KAE Kundalini Formations Activation Energy

School of Energy International®
Madrid, Spain

June 20 to 23, 2024

Buenos Aires, Argentina

July 11 to 14, 2024

Guadalajara, Spain

October 12 to 19, 2024

Kundalini Activation Energy ®

The energy that is healing people

KAE Kundalini Activation Energy ®

The energy that is changing lives

School of Energy International

Qué es KAE

Kundalini Activation Energy is for everyone.

KAE is a state-of-the-art energetic tool that unblocks and balances the energetic, emotional and spiritual information ACTIVATING the KUNDALINI ENERGY in people, Developed after 16 years of research.

In KAE we activate energetic points that unblock repressed energy and emotions, activating the original Kundalini energy generating Energetic Emotional and Spiritual Health.

We work with 5 Energies: Kundalini, Toroidal and Universal, Shaktipat and Divine, accessing higher planes of consciousness and healing.

The INTERNATIONAL ENERGY SCHOOL is the 1st School worldwide for teaching Energy work and Self-Healing in people.

KAE is a registered trademark of the INTERNATIONAL ENERGY SCHOOL and its founder Diego Moscoso Researcher in Energetic Emotional Health for 16 years uniting Science and Spirituality.

KAE does not replace medical treatments, it is in favor of the union between current Medicine and Energetic Medicine.


Diego Moscoso Founder of KAE

Diego Moscoso is born with Energetic capacities and abilities for the transmission of Energy and Healing.

Diego has been a Direct Energetic Teacher and Researcher in Emotional, Energetic and Spiritual Health for 16 years.

Founder of the INTERNATIONAL ENERGY SCHOOL. 1st School worldwide in the teaching of Energy and Self-Healing in people.

Diego is one of the new generations and voices that is helping to increase the Consciousness of humanity in the world. He has been widely recognized by different personalities when it comes to everything related to mind, body, energy and spirit.

Daily practitioner of the ADVAITA tradition and lineage from India and Vipassana Meditation.

Founder of the Institute of Emotional and Spiritual Health.

Founder of KAE Kundalini Activation Energy .

Founder of Escuela Energia International.

In 2009, she suffered a 72-hour physical coma, experiencing a total ascension of Kundalini and an Internal Emptying Reset in her body, experiencing altered states of consciousness.

In those three days his mental, emotional and energetic information was completely emptied to connect with the zero point of Original information or creation and allow you to be a Direct Energy channeler.

At that time he understood the energetic functioning of the human body, its healing in emotional blockages, the purification of information and how the creative energy is activated in our body.

He has 16 years of research and continuous work accompanying hundreds of people in the world in healing by sharing the teaching of KAE® with the INTERNATIONAL ENERGY SCHOOL.

Our KAE training

The KAE training program is based on the research of Diego Moscoso for 16 years, and is developed in an intensive way during 4 days, one theoretical and three practical.

Our KAE training

The KAE training program is based on the research of Diego Moscoso for 16 years, and is developed in an intensive way during 4 days, one theoretical and three practical.

Para quién es KAE

KAE is for everyone, both for individuals and wellness professionals or people who want to help in the healing and evolution of humanity. Generating a change in ourselves and the world.

Qué vas a aprender

You will learn how to use the energy to unblock the energy centers and activate the Kundalini Energy, Toroidal and Universal to heal yourself and others on an energetic, emotional and spiritual level, becoming a trained KAE facilitator.

Cómo es la formación

The training is face-to-face: 4 days of intensive theoretical and practical training. You will acquire knowledge about the inner workings of the energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual body, unblock the meridians and activate the Kundalini energy.

Years of experience
Activated persons
Cities visited


"I realized that inside me there were many things. I released patterns, beliefs and all my emotional baggage. With the transformation in personal development I was left with what my essence really is. My Being of light. "

Montse García

"For me the personal development work with Diego has been a before and after in my life. It is a very deep physical and spiritual human development work that captivated me from the first moment".

Isabel Corell