Diego Moscoso

Diego is an Energetic Teacher and Researcher in Emotional, Energetic and Spiritual Health. He works with the firm purpose of providing theoretical and practical learning for Healing and Energy work.

It teaches you to activate your biological mechanisms of internal healing and NON DUAL experience by recovering body-mind balance and energetic emotional health and experiencing higher states of consciousness.

The story of my internal reset

I experienced an energy coma

Diego has been a Direct Energetic Teacher and Researcher in Emotional, Energetic and Spiritual Health for 16 years.

She was born with the capacity to transmit energy. In 2009, she suffers a 72-hour coma experiencing an activation and rise of TOTAL Kundalini Energy in her body causing an Internal Reset, experiencing altered states of consciousness and experience of internal Non-Dual Unity.

In those three days his mental, emotional and energetic information was completely emptied allowing him to be a direct energy channeler.

At that time he understood the energetic functioning of the human body, its healing in emotional blockages, the purification of information and how the original Kundalini energy is activated in our body for our health and internal energetic emotional healing.


16 years of research

He quickly began to dedicate himself to the study and research of the inner workings of the human body. In the energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual fields.

After 16 years of research and work, I continue to accompany hundreds of people in the world in healing, from which K.A.E Kundalini Activation Energy was born.

Diego is a daily practitioner of the ADVAITA tradition and lineage from India and Vipassana.

Founder of the Institute of Emotional and Spiritual Health.

Founder KAE Kundalini Activation Energy .

Founder of Escuela Energia Internacional.

What is Kundalini Activation Energy
Diego Moscoso is a human development researcher

For the last 16 years he has been dedicated to research and analysis in Internal Human Development. He has traveled and researched in different countries, both energetic techniques and the study of the inner workings of the human body. All this has led him to unite the basic principles of the most advanced Science with the Spiritual Energetic functioning.

Diego has created different programs and seminars for mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual health, helping the healing and ascension of humanity. Diego’s work brings people deeply into connection with their higher self of light and love that we all are, emotional unblocking, energetic rebalancing and inner unity.

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